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tor. 10. sep.



Warfare In The Air/ Film Screening & Deabte

Meet Abdullah Alhakawati and Steen Nørskov for a debate after the film

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Warfare In The Air/ Film Screening & Deabte

Tid og sted

10. sep. 2020 19.00 – 21.00

Huset-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København K, Denmark


Om eventet

Warfare In The Air

Abdullah Alhakawati, Syria, 2019 Eng subtitle, 45 min


The film is trying to show the life of the people In the last seven months in the besieged city Douma before the forced displacement, by following the daily life of a Syrian family and the diffeculties they face everyday to secure and get the simple necessities of life, while the father is absent after he has bee arrest I beginning of the revolution, and shedding light on the city life, and how the people were so busy to restore their houses after every military campaign by Assad’s forces, and collect the remaining of the memories of their destroyed houses, trying to survive and stay alive as normal as they can.

The family symbolizes the status of the besieged people of Eastern Ghouta and other Syrian cities that the regime has besieged, bombed, and deprived of the essentials of life. The film is a bridge crossing into the besieged city, to the life in the shadow of death, fear and denial of rights.

19:45 Debate with the producer of the film, moderated by Steen Nørskov

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