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ons. 07. dec.



Talk & Debate Syria and the Syrian Refugees In Denmark

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Talk & Debate Syria and the Syrian Refugees In Denmark

Tid og sted

07. dec. 2022 17.00 – 20.00

Odense, Farvergården 7, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

Om eventet

Finjan and Danish Refugee Council invite you to attend an informative meeting about the situation in Syrian and the latest status of the Syrian refugees in Denmark. And that will be in Kulturmaskinen #Odense.

Assem Swaid the founder of Finjan organization will give an update about the situation in Syria, then will explain what the Danish procedures on Syrian refugees mean from his over view.

Anne Lund and Ida Harriet Lund from Danish refugee Council will talk about the asylum system in Denmark and how the Syrian refugees should act, and how DRC can help them.


17:00 Doors opening

17:30 Assem talk about the situation in Syria

18:00 Talk by Anne and Ida

18:45 Q&A

20:00 Thanks for today

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