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How Denmark’s policy on Syria refugees can affect refugees in neighbouring countries

Side Event on Brussel VI conference for supporting the future of Syria and the region Language: English

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How Denmark’s policy on Syria refugees can affect refugees in neighbouring countries

Tid og sted

05. maj 2022 14.00 – 15.30

Bruxelles, Rue de la Loi 75, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


Om eventet

This side event will address the impact of Denmark’s latest changes in the refugee policies and considering some regions of Syria as “safe” on refugees in Denmark, but also to all Syrian refugees in every place, either those in the region who already suffer on several levels from a wide range of push factors, or those in EU who are afraid of the “domino effect” that might jeopardise their (relatively) stable residence in the EU.

 It will also discuss the necessity and the option of having a monitoring mechanism to document violations against refugees, and returnees, which guarantee the inclusion of local civil society, media groups, and affected groups themselves, and which create a baseline for hosting countries to build their policies.

 To attend this in-person event, please REGISTER HERE and fill out the registration form

 Moderator: Fadi Halisso, Co-founder and CEO, Basmeh and Zeitooneh for Relief and Development 


  1.   Dorte Smed DRC 
  2.  Assem Swaid, Finjan, SND.
  3.   Willem Staes, Policy, research, and partnerships in the Middle East 11.11.11
  4.   Mais Katt, Journalist


  • Syrian Civil Society Networks Platform- SCNP
  • Wasl, Europian Syrian Civil Society Exchange
  • Finjan
  • VDSH- Verband Deutsch-Syrishcer Hilsvereine e.V
  • Syrian Netowrk In Denmark- SND

*This is a side event to the Brussels VI Conference on the future of Syria and the region. Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed during the side events reflect solely those of the speakers and do not constitute endorsement by the EU or UN

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