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ons. 26. feb.


Blågården Bibliotek

Finjan Kulturcafe/ The Politics of Punishment in Modern Iraq

Talk and Debate

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Finjan Kulturcafe/ The Politics of Punishment in Modern Iraq

Tid og sted

26. feb. 2020 17.00 – 20.00

Blågården Bibliotek, Blågårds Pl. 5, 2200 København, Denmark


Om eventet

 The prison, like other state institutions (the parliament, the school, and the hospital) are at the heart of state functioning across the globe. For this reason it should be central to social and political analysis, yet it receives surprisingly little attention - in Iraq and elsewhere.

Building on his current research project, he trace the history of the Iraqi prison, from its colonial and post-colonial legacies, dictatorship, invasion and occupation, and to its contemporary state, in order to highlight features, which may contribute to a further understanding of developments in the country beyond the daily news coverage.

Henrik Andersen is PhD Candidate in Global Studies at Roskilde University, who specialises in Iraqi politics and society. He previously spent four years working in Iraq.


17:00 Door opening 17:45 Talk and presentation by Henrik Andersen 18:30 Break 18:45 Debate and Q&A 20:00 Thanks for coming  

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